Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well Monday came and went, sorry, I thought I could do this everyday...sit down and come up with something brilliant that I was doing for myself everyday...it is harder then it looks. Lets see what did I do Monday; besides school, laundry, dishes, and meals. The girls did go to a friends church teen group last night, which gave me some down time. I know that I sound spoiled, and I don't deny it. I only have two girls 12 almost 18, and 13 almost 25 but the hormones alone are enough to drive you crazy...of course they weren't gone long enough, jk... but I always feel better when I get things done and I did do a lot of laundry. Enough of yesterday, today was not as productive as yesterday but we did get to the orthodontist this morning and Cori's braces were removed...it's funny, you have to get used to seeing her without the braces. We met up with the best aunt in the world to my little girls for lunch, yum. We went shopping at the Christian book store then off to Coldwater Creek. We have been looking and looking for modest dress clothes for my oldest, she is going to a Father Daughter weekend in Georgia next month, and have been finding nothing but skimpy dresses. Well I thought of checking out Coldwater Creek, I know I like their clothes. Cori was able to find two beautiful skirt and sweater outfits that were modest, what a blessing. She just adores them and my youngest found a skirt. It was a good day...God has blessed us yet again...see ya...

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